Formalities and documentation for exporting products to Morocco

Formalities and documentation for exporting products to Morocco

If one of the doubts that arise in the management of your company is how to export to Morocco, this information is of interest to you.

Morocco is one of the countries with the highest economic growth in Africa and has a privileged situation with respect to Spain, making it more attractive for exports.

Thanks to the certificate of conformity of Moroccoyou will be able to export in a regulated way some products protected by this seal. Specifically, the CMIM certificate, a verification method for exports to Morocco, covers electrical-electronic material and equipment and toys, and verifies the export to Morocco, although in this post, we will explain more extensively, how to export to Morocco other products and what documentation and procedures you need for it.

How to export to Morocco safely

These are the steps to follow in general regime:

  1. Registration of goods.

Morocco has a digitized system for managing goods passing through customs (BADR - Therefore, the goods must be registered by a Single Goods Declaration (DUM) to be filled in by both the exporter and the customs broker.

  • Documentation for DUM.
  • Final invoices
  • Transportation title
  • Import title
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bank certificate for customs transit of imports
  • Weight and packaging information
  • Export account assignment sheets

There are exceptions for certain products, such as historical or archaeological collections and cereal flours (except rice), which must be accompanied by an import license signed by the Ministry of Foreign Trade. This is valid for a period of 6 months.

All products may be exported, except those listed in Article 115 of the Customs Code: 

  • Animals and products from contaminated countries;
  • Narcotics and psychotropic drugs;
  • Weapons of war and ammunition;
  • All indecent productions or those that may disturb public order;
  • All products with a reproduction of the portrait of H.M. the King or a member of his family.
  1. Standards and controls necessary to know how to export to Morocco.

There are more than 500 standards that must be taken into account when exporting products to this country. 

On the one hand, the Moroccan Packaging Institute regulates the quality standards for these aspects.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Health endorse food products for human consumption. However, for food products that require veterinary inspection, a quarantine system must be established. At this stage, a review of documentation, a physical inspection of the products and sampling to analyze the quality of the products may be carried out in order to accredit the certificate.

Finally, if the product is physiosanitary, it must be subject to a specific physiosanitary inspection certificate.

  1. Methods of payment.

It will depend on the coverage of the company, and late payments and delays in payments are taken into account. Therefore, it is best to contact known information agencies and banks that can advise you correctly on how to export to Morocco.

The export process is not something simple and must be prepared rigorously beforehand. Therefore, if you need more information about how to export electrical-electronic material and equipment and toys you can go to our questions and answers section, and if you do not find your question, you can contact us from our website.

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