Similarities of the Cmim certificate in Morocco with the European one

Similarities of the CMIM certificate in Morocco with the European one

The CMIM or C م mark came into force in 2019. Morocco has always been based on the European legislative model, adopting new methods and is committed to self-declaration by manufacturers.

The conformity assessment system, CMIM certificatechosen by Morocco, as is the case in Europe with the CE, requires the preparation of:

  • Technical files: to document the conformity of the product. It must be composed of the following items:
    1. Product Overview.
    2. Design and fabrication drawings, with corresponding descriptions and applications.
    3. Applicable standards and technical specifications to comply with the applicable decrees.
    4. Documents necessary for the justification of product conformity.
  • Declarations of conformity: the declaration of conformity must demonstrate that the product complies with current product safety regulations.

As in Europe, the assessment can be performed under the manufacturer's internal controls, so the intervention of an external conformity assessment body is not mandatory. If the conformity assessment body is involved in the process, the body's identification number must be included with the mark.

In the event that a Conformity Assessment Body is involved during the process, the identification number of the body shall be included. 

  • Product marking: the following applies to the marking of products with CMIM and CE labeling.

The manufacturer may place it on a product, when he has carried out the controls and tests that allow to evaluate the conformity of the product with the requirements defined in the corresponding regulation, and has both the technical file of the product and the rest of the documents required under the above provisions.

This marking must be affixed in such a way that it is visible, legible and indelible.

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