Who has to pay for the certification at origin of a product?

Don't know what we are talking about? Among all your questions about safety compliance of industrial products to MoroccoThis question is the least common, and we think it is important that you are informed of what it consists of. So, if you want to start exporting products to Morocco or anywhere else in the world, this information will be very useful to avoid any problems or surprises when sending the goods to the destination country.

The certification of origin is a document that indicates the place where the product was manufactured and is required by the importing country. So you will need this documentation 100% to be able to export your goods outside the European Union and you should inform yourself well about it.

This certificate is used to enable us to comply with the trade and customs requirements of the country we are targeting, and to apply the duties and taxes necessary to bring them into that country. It also allows them to benefit from certain preferences or tariff reductions according to the agreements established between the EU and other countries. And of course, without this certificate, your goods would not be able to enter customs territory. 

In order to issue these certificates, Q-CMIM is in charge of processing them in case you are looking to export to Morocco any kind of electrical and electronic products, as well as toys.

But to answer the question in reference to this post, certification, when it is at origin, has to be paid by the exporter. Yes, we know that there are many SMEs that want to export to this country and that it is an additional cost, but that is how it is established.

If you need a certificate of origin, you can contact us. We will inform you about the whole process and the prices so that you do not have any doubts.

We will be happy to help you and look for a solution so that you can carry out the process in the right way.

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