What products need the CMIM for export to Morocco?

This is the question you ask us the most when contacting our company. We suppose it is because when it comes to exporting, many people think that any certificate is good for all products. This is not the case.

That is why, today, we explain which products require this certification. export certification to Morocco.

Outputs and evaluation.

These are the products that must carry the CMIM certificate to export to Morocco:

  • Low voltage electrical products.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility requirements. 

  • Toys.

Here are the reference decrees which you can consult in case you have any doubts:

  • Decree No. 2573-14 on electrical equipment intended for use under certain voltage limits.
  • Decree No 2574-14 on the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment
  • Decree 2575-14 on toy safety

Also note that for low voltage products and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, these are the assessment procedures:

Low Voltage

  • Conformity assessment based on production control.

Electromagnetic Compatibility:

  • Conformity assessment based on production control.
  • Standard assessment.

It should be added that in order to be able to export these products, certain documentation will also be required. will also require the presentation of certain documentation, which we detailed in the previous post. previous post. This documentation will be based on Moroccan technical standards that give presumption of conformity with this legislation.

In order to obtain the CMIM, a technical dossier has to be submitted and evaluated for approval.. Therefore, in order to carry out the certification for exporting to Morocco in a proper way, you will need a specialised company that will give you all the guarantees to carry it out.

If you need to carry out this assessment, please contact us through our website, and we will be able to help you to ensure that your product reaches its destination successfully. 

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