The origin of raw materials for the manufacture of electronic components

Surely you are up to date with the critical economic situation around the world. Or at least we are, specializing in the certificate of conformity to Moroccowe have our eyes and ears wide open for what is to come.

The pandemic has undoubtedly led to a crisis that affects us all, since, at the beginning of this unexpected situation, the economic system began to fall with a domino effect. This is because large exporters of semiconductor materials such as China, Taiwan or South Korea are manufacturing in small quantities due to the high prices of the materials they use.

Companies such as Sony, with the latest model of PlayStation, have been forced to launch the product to the market in dribs and drabs due to the shortage of these chips, which is a headache for both the telecommunications and automotive sectors. Ford, Tesla and Mercedes have also decided to slow down their manufacturing pace for the same reason.

And you may be wondering how such a tiny chip could be crippling half the world. The answer is that semiconductor materials are found in most of the gadgets we use today. Technologies have their pros and cons, and we are now seeing the downside of moving towards this point.

Countries such as the United States, Japan, the EU and the United Kingdom are being greatly affected by this uncomfortable situation in the purely capitalist system in which we live. In addition, during the pandemic, companies sent their staff to work from home, which caused the demand for electronic products to skyrocket. Saturation and a bottleneck that no one knows how it will be solved. For example, if there is a shortage in Taiwan, the price of a computer in Spain will rise.

The end result of this situation will be a relocation of the manufacturing of this semiconductor material. In fact, the EU is considering promoting the production of this material and not depending on other countries where, even though labor is cheaper, it could lead to another situation like the current one.

This could be a great opportunity for all companies that produce in Europe, which will have to adapt to the regulations applicable to their products at their destination, and in what concerns us here, compliance with the CMIM certificate for marketing in Morocco.

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