The need to prepare a technical dossier prior to obtaining certification

Do you know why it is important to prepare a technical file? Mainly because the technical file is an essential element for the conformity assessment of a product.  

As part of the process of obtaining the CMIM Certificate, it is also necessary to prepare a dossier to obtain certification for export to Morocco. certification for export to Morocco.

The information to be contained in the dossier depends on the nature of the product. It shall include everything considered necessary, from the technical point of view, to demonstrate the conformity of the product to the relevant standards and essential requirements. 

It is vitally important that the solutions adopted to meet all the essential requirements that have been applied to the product are shown. 

The dossier must be clear, concise and must be written in one of the languages of the European Union

Normally, each company usually indicates the specific information to be contained in this file, but in very general terms, some of the information is as follows:

Essential technical data useful for conformity assessment control such as manufacturer's name and address, product identification and description and list of applied standards.

If necessary, instructions for use, assembly drawings and certificates of audits carried out. 

Finally, a document including product and process descriptions, test reports, information on the quality system and the list of standards applied in addition to the harmonized standards. 

In the case of Morocco, we would go in parts:

On the one hand, for the registration of goods, i.e., to be able to export products to your country and do it safely, you need:

  • Documentation for DUM. This is that the merchandise must be registered by a Unique Merchandise Declaration
  • Final invoices.
  • Transportation tickets.
  • Import title.
  • Certificate of Origin. 
  • Bank certificate for import customs transit.
  • Weight and packaging information. 
  • Importation allocation sheets. 

On the other hand, for regulations, there are more than 500 standards that we must take into account when exporting products to this country

The Moroccan Packaging Institute is responsible for regulating the quality standards of these products.

While the Ministry of Agriculture and Health is in charge of food products. Although at this stage, it is advisable to review the documentation and perform a physical inspection of the products as well as analyze their quality in order to accredit the certificate. 

As mentioned above, each organization decides what to include in the technical dossier, although in many companies most of the requirements coincide. The preparation of a technical dossier is not simple and must be prepared with precision and accuracy. Any oversight can lead to failure. Therefore, if you need to know more information on how to do it, you can contact us and we will explain step by step what guidelines we follow to prepare the dossier and thus get the certification for export to Morocco.

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