In what condition should warehouses be according to quality standards?

Certifications are necessary in every industry. Having a validation process performed by an external agent on the quality standard of the product makes the difference of commitment between companies.

Quality control in warehouses is a key point for business success. All your products must be rigorously qualified, especially if you want to export outside the country, for example to Morocco, where you will have to take into account the safety conformity of industrial products to morocco.

In order to carry out this control it is necessary to take into account the following:

- Knowing the product you are storing is key. Storage types are determined based on the characteristics of the product they house. If you know your product perfectly, you will provide a correct storage that will prevent its deterioration or damage.

- Keep an exhaustive control of your orders. The number of orders you place will help you decide to professionalize your storage or, in other words, to have a small warehouse or an industrial warehouse. Quality controls are managed with greater agility when products are distributed in batches, but to divide into batches, you must have a considerable volume of orders.


- The automation of simple tasks that are time-consuming at the end of the day. There are a multitude of organization and administration programs that can be of great help for tasks such as managing the number of orders you have.

- Cleanliness and order. Two of the most important points to pass a warehouse quality control. A tidy space is an accessible space. Efficient work is developed in organized environments. In addition, a neat warehouse will prevent you from any kind of accident.

- Storage optimization. Organize your products according to their characteristics, even if this takes more time with each batch, it will help you to optimize storage times.

All these conditions are necessary to pass the quality standard required of a warehouse. If your products are also exported to other countries, keep in mind that each country will have its own standards, which will make the quality chain longer and longer.

Therefore, we recommend that you never lose sight of the quality of both your product and the services that go with it.

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