When is it safe to use a non-original cell phone charger?

We focus a lot of our posts on the seal for the safety conformity of safety conformity of industrial products to morocco. But today we propose you something different.

We have all left our cell phone charger at home at some point in our lives when we have been out on a trip or have simply run out of battery at a bad time and needed to charge it when we have gone on a trip or, simply, we have run out of battery at a bad moment and we needed to charge it.

So we went to a nearby store where they sell everything from cell phone chargers to costumes for the upcoming carnival, and we bought a very cheap one to get out of the way. we bought a very cheap one to get out of it.. And not only that, we have kept it and used it over and over again until its useful life is over (they are not characterized by being of very good quality, all said).

But have you ever wondered if that charger was good to keep and continue to use?

Well, today we are going to solve that doubt, because if the above has never happened to you, it will happen to you. Almost 100% sure. But we already advance it to you, you will not damage your mobile by choosing another charger.. Although we must take some points into account.

For example, if a cell phone detects that it is not its original charger, it may activate its minimum charge valuesIn this way the battery will not be damaged, although it will take longer to charge. It can also happen that if the charger is not recognized as original, it will not work. This is a way to protect the device's battery as well.

For this reason, and even if your cell phone is not going to be harmed it is important to keep good quality chargers, in which the charging levels are adapted to the needs of the phone. In addition, a poor quality cable can also be a danger to your home or the place where you charge it if it is not well prepared for use.

So be proactive and try to always carry your original charger with you, and if not, don't use the worst one in the store. Choose one that you can give it a longer life and that will ensure an efficient and long-lasting charge.

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