Learn about the benefits of CMIM certification

Learn about the benefits of CMIM certification

The Marking CMIM was created with the aim of assuring Morocco that products exported to the country complied with a series of quality and safety requirements set out in Law 24-09.

This seal shows that a series of controls and analyses have been carried out to ensure that the products are safe for use by the population. Through the CMIM Marking applicability study, we determine which products are under specific provisions and/or application standards, and we verify that the product complies with each of them.

Therefore, there are numerous benefits of becoming CMIM certified, as it facilitates the entry of products and services into Morocco.


4 benefits of becoming CMIM certified


  • Regulatory compliance.

Avoiding legal obstacles when crossing the border is crucial. Many companies downplay the importance of small details, but when they arrive in the country, these are all problems that are not so noticeable to the businessman. That is why the seal is important, because it supports your product or service, and ensures the quality and compliance with the legal requirements of the product or service.

  • Safer manufacturing processes.

At Q-CMIM, not only do we have a technical team with extensive experience in identifying the applicable legislation and regulations, but we are also concerned with defining production controls. This will help you to manufacture products that are backed up in relation to quality and safety, saving you a lot of problems when exporting. In other words, it consists of manufacturing according to the standards of the receiving country.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Morocco, like other countries, seeks to bring to its population products with optimal characteristics. Therefore, having the certificate will position you ahead of your competition, showing that your product or service certifies excellence.

  • Expand your market.

The last of the benefits is the one that will give you the possibility to grow. Morocco is one of the richest countries in Africa, and therefore, it can be a potential customer to expand your product or service.

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